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Tesla Announces Model S Battery Upgrade

Telsa announced that it was going to upgrade all those customers that ordered the 40kwh version of their Model S EV to the 60kwh model, which also upgrades their acceleration performance and gives them the ability to access their free fuel for life Supercharger network. According to a Tesla press release only 4% of Telsa buyers had pre-ordered the 40kwh version and would be affected by the generous battery upgrade.

tesla model s battery upgrade

Tesla Model S gets a battery upgrade

More than likely with those numbers it made more financial sense for Tesla to make one less version of their vehicle, reduce production costs, and at the same time allow future owners to make a full upgrade using an instant software patch rather than one requiring hardware. So that means with just a little computer code the lowest range of Tesla Model S could be increased from 160 mile range to 230 miles. No doubt someone will try and unlock or jailbreak the software lock that doesn’t take advantage of their entire Model S Battery. An upgrade to the 85kWh battery that offers 300 miles of range at 55 MPH would still require adding a hardware upgrade involving the addition of more battery packs.


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