Where Electric Vehicles Are A World Saving Top Priority

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EVtopia.org—EV Political Action & Voice

EVtopia.org attempts to give a pro voice to EVs and sustainability in the face of the current political environment which is dominated by heavily funded lobbyist and the sponsored advertising of the fossil fuel industry.

EV-VoiceWe need to Occupy EV politics, since one voice doesn’t carry much weight, but when combined the wishes of the people can be heard with increasing force.

Sharing information about electric vehicles, making public statements, actions, beliefs and possible motivations behind the voting record of politicians more transparent will help increase the chances of getting additional electric emission free vehicles on the road instead of adding more carbon polluting, climate change accelerating, fossil fuel burning vehicles.

Make no mistake the power and influence of many of the worlds largest multinational corporations exert more than their fair share of political will and many correctly see the rise of the electric vehicle as a direct threat to their future profits and control over personal energy options. The activities of the fossil fuel industry lobbyists and their influence via huge mass media advertising budgets are formidable and not to be underestimated.

We here at EVtopia.org believe that the profit focused motives of the fossil fuel industry and those that are invested heavily in attempting to maintain the status quo, need to be called out so that a better world can come into being. The future that EVtopia represents promotes sustainability, addresses the environmental concerns related to pollution, and an ever growing world population that will requiring additional transportation services, while also addressing and mitigating the negative effects of climate change caused by global warming.

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