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Candid Camera Funny Electric Car Video

See what happens when the first electric car in South Africa shows up at a typical gas station.

Funny Electric Car Video

Funny Electric car candid camera moments captured on film

Nissan really has all the makings of a great Nissan LEAF electric car commercial as some of the expressions of the gas station attendants are classic. This funny electric car video does a good job at helping bring home the point that the Nissan LEAF electric car doesn’t need petrol to run–Classic EV humour, if you are in the look out for a new car then check here.

The average price per gallon for gasoline in South Africa according to Bloomberg (Feb, 2014) is $4.97 USD, no doubt the electric car will be fairly well received there especially since the daily national income in SA is $18 per day and it takes 28% of day’s wages to buy a single gallon of gas.

Candid Camera Video about the Nissan LEAF’s first arrival and humorous electric car introduction in South Africa (EV humor).

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