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Nissan Plans Luxury EV Infinity

Rumors have been confirmed that a new electric concept car is currently being developed for Nissan’s Infinity brand.

Nissan leaning EV

Nissan LandGlider concept car

Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn announced at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show that it will be a luxury four-seat, high-performance EV (electric vehicle) with zero emissions. The Nissan Infinity EV will share some of the components found in the Nissan Leaf EV, but besides being environmentally friendly it will also have enhanced performance capabilities that are designed to not disappoint loyal Infinity customers that have grown accustomed to the brand’s leading edge performance technologies.

infinity logo

Expect nothing too radical for Infinity

The official arrival date of the all-electric Nissan Infinity EV in North American showrooms has yet to be announced, and industry insiders have hinted that it will be radically different than Nissan LEAF.

Ken Burridge of EV.com said “Sadly I would be surprised to see something as cool as the corner-leaning (high cornering radius) technology of the Nissan LandGlider concept car incorporated into the new Infinity EV”.

Video of the Nissan LandGlider


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