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Brammo Electric Motorcycles Offer 1 Cent Per Mile Fuel Costs

1 cent per mile fuel costs—how does that compare to your current ride?

Brammo electric motorcycles is now taking online-orders for the Brammp Enertia and the 100 MPH/100 Mile range electric motorcycle versions of the Brammo Empulse and Empulse R.
Brammo electric motorcycles have made it possible to travel or commute for 1 cent per a mile without CO2 emissions. If you too are looking for a bike, I discovered a great selection of scooters for sale in Miami on ZeCycles. The website made it easy to find the perfect scooter for cruising the city streets..

Brammo electric motorcycle

Brammo’s Empulse has a top speed of 100 MPH and a 100 mile range!

Before going to the streets, you need to know the types of motorcycle accident cases and how to prevent them.

Some Brammo Empulse Specifications:

Every 10 minutes of Level II charging adds up to 5 miles of range
105 mph (169 km/h)
Driving Range:
City: 121 miles* (195 km)
Highway: 56 miles** (90 km)
Combined: 77 miles*** (124 km)
470lbs. / 213kg
Seat Height:
31.5” 80.0 cm
31.8” (bar end-to-bar end) 80.77 cm
42.6” (highest portion of the dash) 108.2 cm
81.3” 206.5 cm
Ground Clearance:
7.3” 18.54 cm
24° / 3.8″
Storage Capacity:
Optional Brammo hard saddle bags and top trunk.
Carrying Capacity:
Cargo Capacity 365 lbs. / 165.6 kg (805 lbs. / 365.1 kg total combined motorcycle, rider, passenger and cargo)
58.0” 147.32 cm
2 Years (Limited Factory Warranty) 1 year Fender-to-Fender Limited Warranty, 2 year Limited Powertrain Warranty (Batteries and Motor)
True Blood Red, Eclipsed Black, White Noise

Brammo’s two-wheel EVs are being offered in three different versions, but unfortunately none of them are the Racing version (Brammo Empulse RR) that just won the Infineon Raceway installment of the TTXGP Formula GP. Still Brammo seems to have the best stock electric motorcycles and easily the most attractive promotion girls on the tradeshow circuit.

Brammo electric motorcycle promo

Brammo’s popular tradeshow girls

According to Brammo:

The Brammo’s Empulse builds on the strengths of their previous electric motorcycle model the Enertia. The Empulse features Brammo’s new Digital Drivetrain technology, which enables all models of the Empulse to exceed 100mph for sustained periods. The Empulse is also the world’s first production electric motorcycle to feature water cooling.

Brammo’s Empulse comes in three different models (6.0. 8.0 & 10.0) which relates to the expected range (based on the size of the battery pack).

Empulse 6.0 Range = 60 miles (90km) with the 6kWh battery pack (Price $9,995)

Empulse 8.0 Range = 80 miles (128km) with the 8kWh battery pack (Price $11,995)

Empulse 10.0 Range = 100 miles (160km) with the 10kWh battery pack (Price $13,995)

One thing to keep in mind is that the range of EV’s (just like most any other vehicles) is affected by the total weight carried (rider & cargo), road conditions, traffic and riding style etc. Visit https://weldingpicks.com/best-multi-process-welder/ for more.

Brammo Empulse Dimensions:

Weight: 360lbs (163 Kg) with the 6.0 scales up to 420lbs (190 Kg) with 10.0
Seat Height: 32 inch (81 cm)
Length: 81 inch (205 cm)
Width: 31 inch (78 cm) 21 inch (53 cm) peg to peg
Overall Height: 42 inch (1.6 cm)
Wheelbase: 57 inch (144 cm)

Brammo Empulse Features:
Frame: Lightweight extruded and welded aluminum – serves as battery tray (patent pending)
Suspension – Front: OE Spec 43mm inverted forks, adjustable preload, compression & rebound
Suspension – Rear: OE Spec Works Performance Shock with adjustable rebound and preload
Brakes – Front – Brakes: 2 x Nissin 4 piston, fixed caliper
Brakes – Rear – Brakes: Brembo Single piston, floating caliper
Wheels (Front/Back): 120/70-17; 180/55-17 Avon VP2 Supersport

Note: Brammo electric motorcycles do qualify for federal and many state electric vehicle tax breaks and incentives. Pre-orders for the Empulse can be placed at Brammo’s online store at www.brammo.com

Watch a Video on the High-Performance Brammo Empulse R with Wes Siler & Eric Bostrom

It seems to me that Brammo doesn’t even need their popular Brammo promo girls when they can just advertise 1 cent per mile fuel transportation costs.

Brammo electric motorcycle website:

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